BABY MONSTER: First quick video, YG artists talk about it

It’s already January 1, 2023 in South Korea, and YG Entertainment is right on time as planned.

The agency is posting a video about its new girl group on its YouTube channel.

In the video that is published, we quickly see the members training during dance lessons, mainly with LISA from the group BLACKPINK. But we also have comments from various YG Entertainment artists like duo members AKMU, LISA from BLACKPINK, HOONY and YOON from WINNER and also “Dad YG” YANG HYUN SUK.

According to him, the girls are still “BABY” and they have the YG gene, hence the name BABY MONSTER. The artists of YG Entertainment have no doubts, they are talented, good, with facial expressions and gestures that will attract the public.

For YG Entertainment, this will be the very first group to be launched in its new and huge building. According to the dance coach, you will be able to see their determination which is one of their greatest strengths.

The 7 members shocked the leaders during their various evaluations in order to integrate the group. Will they be able to do the same with you?

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube YG Entertainment

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