MAVE:: First visual of the group

The eye-catching visuals of the new year’s first girl group MAVE: have been unveiled.


MAVE: released a group image to its official SNS on the afternoon of January 10, revealing visuals of members MARTY, ZENA, TYRA, and SIU for the first time.

The group image made a strong first impression by capturing the fashionable visuals and style of the four MAVE: members in order from left MARTY, ZENA, TYRA and SIU. The purple details that appeared in the movement of the logo are added to the all-black outfits, making each personality shine more.

MARTY highlighted her beauty with pink accessories, and ZENA created a girl crush look with leather clothes and hair tied in a ponytail. TYRA pulled off a hip take on colorful fashion, and SIU exudes a mysterious vibe with silver hair.

In particular, the group composition of MAVE:, which has a four-color charm that can capture the tastes of many people, attracts attention.

Metaverse Entertainment’s first idol group MAVE:, which added technology from Netmarble F&C and sensibility from Kakao Entertainment, announced their official debut earlier this year, drawing high expectations from K-POP fans. In Metaverse Entertainment, a subsidiary of Netmarble F&C, Kakao Entertainment participated as a strategic investor, and the two companies jointly prepared MAVE:.

Expectations are growing as the feedback for MAVE: rolls in, right from the first image unveiled. Attention is focused on what the creative activities of MAVE: will create in a new wave of the music industry.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS MAVE:

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