JACKSON WANG : Louis Vuitton’s new house ambassador

JACKSON WANG is appointed as the new Louis Vuitton House ambassador.

Jackson Wang – Louis Vuitton new ambassador

On Friday, Louis Vuitton revealed its new house ambassador: JACKSON WANG.

On the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton displayed its Menswear Ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2023 collection at its fashion show on Thursday, January 19th. Numerous celebrities were invited to attend: Lucien Laviscount (Emily in Paris), Kit Harington (Game of thrones), Hunter Doohan (Wednesday), J-Hope (BTS)… and its new house ambassador JACKSON WANG. Sporting a black outfit, the worldwide superstar appeared in a black vest, large trousers and maxi orange sneakers with glasses on his head and a fake bottom lip piercing, creating a look combining simplicity, comfort and futurism.

JACKSON WANG is a Chinese singer who debuted in South-Korean group GOT7. He is also known as a solo artist with an eclectic discography: with a start in trap, hip-hop and rap sounds like “Papillon”  or “Titanic“, he evolved into a totally different genre with his latest album “MAGIC MAN“, using more pop-rock melodies and instrumentals. Lately, the singer completed 3 shows in Europe (one in London, two in Paris) as part of his worldwide tour which should continue in North America and Asia.

As an all-rounder artist, JACKSON‘s footprint in the world of fashion is also remarkable: on top of being the creative director of his own brand TEAM WANG design, his portfolio includes numerous collaborations like Cartier, L’Oréal, Braun, Ray-Ban, or even FENDI. While a collaboration with this luxury house might sound impressive, it is not that surprising he was chosen to represent the brand: with his 31 million followers on Instagram and 7 million on Twitter, the artist holds great influence, as has testified the frenzy on the past sales of the brands he represents.

With this new appointment, a new era has started for JACKSON WANG with Louis Vuitton!

Discover his brand TEAM WANG design here

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine
Sources: SNS Jackson Wang, Louis Vuitton

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