LIMELIGHT: Debuts for Valentine’s Day

Rookie girl group LIMELIGHT will be debuting on Valentine’s Day with the best looks.

LIMELIGHT will release the music video for its debut album “LOVE & HAPPINESS” on February 14 and officially release the album on February 17. This is the official debut of the three members, who rose to prominence with their pre-debut album “LIME LIGHT” in September. Those that have stood out as an ideal combination will start their full-fledged activities after five months.

The appearance of girl group LIMELIGHT, consisting of ITO MIU, SUHYE, and GAEUN, received special attention from various angles last year. Producers Kim Seung Soo and Choi Hyun Joon, who created IZ*ONE Syndrome, and lyricists Seo Ji Eum, as well as Brother Soo, who has worked with BTS and MONSTA X, took part in the album. YGX’s Dowoo took charge of the performance and injected dynamic energy.

The combination of the members also caught the eye. SUHYE confirmed to be in the top 1% of votes with a clear and crisp voice, and GAEUN grabbed attention with her beautiful performance. MIU, who is rich in expression, appealed to her charm at every step.

These factors led to an impassioned response. The pre-debut album, released as a limited edition, sold out all at once. Last year, the group rocked various stages with their double titled songs “Starlight” and “Eye to eye”. From the first activities, the fandom formed in Korea and Japan, and the fansign event ended successfully.

143 Entertainment Executive Producer DM said, “Once again, the best K-pop team has come together to hone high-quality music and performances. You can look forward to it as much as you have. waited for the debut, for a long time.” expressing his confidence.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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