KANG DANIEL: A project in English before the tour

Singer KANG DANIEL will release a new global project ahead of his international tour.

On January 26, Sony Music announced that his new song “Look where we are” will be released on the same day, with 500 million cumulative streams, world-class producer 220 Kid, K-pop star KANG DANIEL and producer Chinese Willim.

Look where we are” is an international project that took place with three artists, KANG DANIEL, 220kid and Willim, who are active around the world, coming together. In particular, this new song is also the first English recording song introduced by KANG DANIEL.

220kid is a British electronic dance music producer who has captured the world’s attention. Since debuting in 2018, he has placed a number of songs on the UK charts and also topped the charts with a remix album.

Willim is a super rookie producer based in Los Angeles, USA, and is beloved for his core music that evenly captures the charms of East and West. In 2019, he became the first Chinese producer to sign a number of albums with YouTube music channel “Trap Nation”.

Look where we are” is a future house genre song with a romantic melody and the appealing voice of KANG DANIEL. Additionally, emotional lyrics that sing about love have been added. This new song is raising expectations in line with KANG DANIEL‘s international tour schedule, which will begin on January 28.

The global project “Look where we are“, joined by 220kid, KANG DANIEL and Willim, will be available on all music streaming services from January 26, and various content such as official videos will be released thereafter.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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