BXB: One day away from its official debut

The debut of new boy group BXB is one day away.

On the 28th and 29th, Wolfburn’s agency released teaser videos for BXB’s (Jihun, Hyunwoo, Siwoo, Ha Min, and Jun) debut single “FLY AWAY” one after another on its official SNS.

In the teaser video released, a brilliant carefree moment with a different atmosphere from the previous trailer video played out like a drama.

The first teaser video (below) showed the members of BXB, who are young people struggling to achieve their dreams, with different dreams, and the second teaser video deeply stimulated viewers’ empathy code by feeling joy, excitement, anger, happiness and passion as well as the new everyday life of the young people gathered at school.

In particular, rough texture, sensual visual beauty and beautiful stories of young people have been combined, giving off a nostalgic scent as if filming with analog video tape.

BXB will be making its debut in the music industry with their debut single “FLY AWAY” on January 30. BXB is a five-boy group consisting of JIHUN (vocal), HYUNWOO (rap, dance), SIWOO (rap), HAMIN (vocal) and JUN (vocal), with 4 of the members JIHUN, HYUNWOO, SIWOO and HAMIN who made part of the eight-member boy group TRCNG, which debuted in 2017, adding more special significance.

The new song “Fly away” is an uptempo song based on Hybrid POP and ROCK sound. Thanks to this album, BXB should make a remarkable leap forward with the end of the series “Flight”, the last story of the youth trilogy “Sadness, Start, and Flight“, which was told under the name of the group APR PROJECT before the official debut.

BXB will be releasing their debut single “FLY AWAY” on various music sites at 6 p.m. KST on January 30. And at 7 p.m. on the same day, he will hold a halftime performance at the Goyang Carrot Jumper VS Seoul Samsung Thunder professional basketball home game, revealing the performance of “Fly away” for the first time.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS BXB

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