JACKSON WANG : New collaboration with EPIK HIGH

JACKSON WANG will be featuring on EPIK HIGH‘s upcoming album!

EPIK HIGH – “Strawberry” tracklist

Last Wednesday, music group EPIK HIGH revealed the tracklist for its upcoming album “STRAWBERRY” which will be released on February 1, 2023. Two artists will be featured on the album: JACKSON WANG for “On my way” and HWASA for “Catch“.

This collaboration with EPIK HIGH is not JACKSON‘s first: last December, producer and singer-songwriter BoyToy released his track “Imagine” with JACKSON and Tablo (EPIK HIGH), a song the two have already performed on the Chinese show “Rap of China” (Ep.11).

With this new collaboration, JACKSON keeps diversifying his discography: while his latest album “MAGIC MAN” mainly had pop and rock sounds, the singer has always claimed he could not be categorized into one genre. After trap, pop, rock or even EDM, he is now venturing into K-Hip-Hop.

Who is EPIK HIGH ?

EPIK HIGH is a very well known figure of the K-Hip-Hop scene, an institution almost. The trio of rappers, composed of Tablo, Mithra, and DJ Tukutz, has been known for their peculiar and eclectic style since their start in the noughties. EPIK HIGH is a major figure of Korean hip-hop history thanks to its participation in the Movement Crew, a collective of pioneers artists of the scene, as well as its poetic lyrics and mentions of social issues such as mental health. With tracks like “Fly” and “Born Hater,” the group has risen to the top of the charts. The group has also a knack for successful collaborations. Following rapper CL and K-R&B singer Colde, it is now JACKSON WANG‘s turn to enter the EPIK HIGH’s universe.


Journalists: Catherine & Lilies
Translators: Lilies & Catherine
Sources: SNS Tablo (EPIK HIGH)

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