HAWW: Debuts are set

New boy group HAWW will debut.

On the morning of January 31, Biscuit Entertainment said:

“On February 23, seven-boy group HAWW will release its first mini album and make its official debut. We will approach the audience with HAWW’s differentiated worldview, unique music with popularity and artistry, and colorful performances containing the fresh energy of the MZ generation.”.

Boy group HAWW, which announced its first birth, is the first boy group to be introduced by Biscuit Entertainment, which includes girl group Kep1er member Seo Young Eun, and HAWW stands for “HEAL ALL THE WORLD WIDE,” heal the world and give people dreams and hopes.

In particular, HAWW, which consists of seven members, selected from lineups such as JIMIN, MINYONG, JEONGGEUN, CHANYOUNG, JUHO, LOUIS, and SEOBIN, released various videos through its SNS and YouTube channel ahead of its official debut, showing off its exceptional skills, and is expected to become a global K-POP rookie group thanks to its debut album.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Biscuit Entertainment

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