AHN YE EUN: A new album today

Singer-songwriter AHN YE EUN meets fans with her fourth album “쉽게 쓴 이야기.”

At 6 p.m. on February 12, AHN YE EUN will release her fourth album “쉽게 쓴 이야기” on major music sites and unveil the music video for title track “죽음에 관한 4분 15초의 이야기” at the same time.

AHN YE EUN‘s fourth album, “쉽게 쓴 이야기“, which she says contains her own story, is an album containing 10 self-composed songs, honestly talking about death, fear and various stories. AHN YE EUN also explained the name of the album, saying, “The title of the album, ‘쉽게 쓴 이야기‘, means you can listen to it lightly and it’s easier to write than before. ”

The 4th full album “쉽게쓴이야기” includes the title track “죽음에관한 4분 15초의 이야기”, “무거워”, “미끄럼틀”, “잠”, “미움받오옴섌”, “그 “, “가볍게”, “멍게”, “Cistus albidus” “무슨 노래를 불러야 할까” (CD ONLY).


On February 11, a day before her comeback, AHN YE EUN released the second teaser for the music video for the title track “죽음에 관한 4분 15초의 이야기,” announcing the music video. The image of a man running towards the light in the teaser video sparked interest in the new installment by giving a glimpse of hope in a serious song.

Fans are eagerly awaiting AHN YE EUN‘s “쉽게 쓴 이야기“, which is back with a full album about three years after the release of her third album in 2020.

Artist AHN YE EUN’s fourth full album “쉽게쓴이야기” will be released on major music sites at 6 p.m. KST on February 12.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: JMG

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