BAMBAM: A photo that should announce a comeback

A simple photo posted on his social networks.


This photo, which was posted at midnight KST on February 27 on BAMBAM’s SNS, only shows part of the artist’s face. Against a simple gray background, the left quarter of BAMBAM’s face is exposed. With a tousled haircut, a simple makeover that looks natural.

What catches our eye is BAMBAM’s left eyebrow, with these drawn lines giving rise to several interpretations such as blades of grass recalling his haircut and bringing naturalness, or even symbolizing staples which would underline the side rebel of the artist.

With this face, comes the date of “28.03.2023” which could specify the date of return of the singer. Could this photo be the first part of a whole? We will therefore have to wait a bit for the artist to reveal a little more.

Lately BAMBAM has carried out various activities by participating and posing for Cosmopolitan magazine

Answering a few questions during an interview that accompanied the photos and that you can find HERE.

And last month on the show “Master in the House 2“, you were able to enter BAMBAM’s living space.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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