HAWW: Successful first week of promotion

Rookie boy group HAWW has successfully completed its first week of debut activities.

HAWW, who released their first mini album “HOW R U” on February 23 and officially promoted it, appeared on KBS “Music Bank” and SBS “Inkigayo” to debut. HAWW caught the eye with a bright and warm mood to match the song’s refreshing atmosphere, while showing active energy with a dynamic performance in the dance break part.

In addition, HAWW members performed excellently in jeans and denim jackets that expressed refreshing charm with school fashion that express the individuality of the seven members, and captivated fans in Korea and abroad by showing a stable vocals, engaging visuals, and performances that show off the harmony of the members.

HAWW’s debut song “How are you” is a song for which LOUII himself participated in writing the lyrics to improve the completeness, and the refreshing sound of the guitar and the members’ sweet vocals combine to offering warm solace to listeners with bright, happy energy through an ominous message. the safety of a precious person’s day.

HAWW will continue active communication with fans through broadcast activities and various content.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Biscuit Entertainment

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