KINGDOM: A hilight medley for the kingdom of MUJIN

The atmosphere of this new album.

The group KINGDOM releases, today at midnight KST, the highlight medley of their 6th mini-album “History Of Kingdom: PartⅥ. MUJIN”.

In this video, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this new opus and discover the 7 tracks contained in it. With the title track “魂; Dystopia“, then the titles “Intro: Stigma“, “바람의 노래“, “Elements”,My wave“, “Love is pain” and “魂; Dystopia)(Inst.)” . Each song being illustrated by the photos of one of the members.

After the different kingdoms that you have been able to visit before with ARTHUR, CHIWOO, IVAN, DANN and LOUIS you will immerse yourself in that of MUJIN.

Group KINGDOM will be making its comeback on March 23.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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