ATEEZ: SAN donates to his hometown

A donation for the development of the region where SAN spent his childhood.


CHOI SAN, member of the group ATEEZ, who became a global idol, donated 5 million won, the maximum amount of “고향사랑기부제 (gift of love to his hometown)“, to his hometown Namhae . In addition, CHOI SAN, who received 30% donation as a local gift, expressed his intention to donate again through his father, asking him to use it for the people of Namhae where he was born and grew up.

The donation began on January 1 this year with the intention of raising funds for local governments that are on the verge of demise, promoting the system’s goal of revitalizing the local economy by consuming products from the region and made in the region, and to encourage his hometown, Namhae.

In particular, CHOI SAN actively expressed his affection for Namhae as he introduced himself as “Treasure Island’s first celebrity in Namhae-eup, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam“. Additionally, in 2021, he was appointed a Namhae Goodwill Ambassador, and in 2022 to promote Namhae District, a “treasure island”.

CHOI SAN said, “When I considered the purpose of the donation, I remembered my childhood when I dreamed of becoming a singer in Namhae,” adding, “I hope the donation will be used for teenagers who are doing music. their best to achieve their dreams in Namhae.” He also said, “I hope the Hometown Love Gift Festival will be widely promoted, and many people will be interested in Namhae-gun, Treasure Island.”

I would like to thank CHOI SAN for his warm heart and contribution to Namhae District despite his busy schedule due to world tours,” said Namhae-gun County Chief Jang Chung Nam. “We will use our precious donations meaningfully for regional development projects and youth welfare promotion projects to make Namhae a brighter treasure island.

The “고향사랑기부제 (gift of love to one’s hometown)” system allows individuals to donate up to 5 million won per person per year to non-residential areas, under resident registration. Donors will receive a total tax credit of up to 100,000 won and 16.5% for those exceeding 100,000 won. You can donate through the website 고향사랑e” and the window of the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives. Donations will be used to support youth and socially vulnerable groups and projects needed to improve the welfare of county residents.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KQ Entertainment

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