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ATEEZ: D-1 before the release of the new Japanese single

With ATEEZ returning to Japan within a day, the music video teaser has been released, attracting attention.


Since March 20, two teaser videos of the music video for “Limitless”, the title track of the second Japanese single “LIMITLESS”, have been released one after another on ATEEZ’s official YouTube channel.

The posted video shows ATEEZ doing exercises such as push-ups, running, and jumping rope, and quickly overwhelmed viewers’ eyes with his perfect physique. In the second teaser, the members in all-black uniforms appear to compete with each other in challenging each other in fencing and archery, and in particular, they showed their ability to finish second despite their first appearance in the archery game at last year’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships“.


Also, at the end of the two videos, the visuals of eight people with eight colors gathered to look at the camera, raising expectations for the main MV.


ATEEZ’s second Japanese single “LIMITLESS” contains two songs, including “Limitless”, the title track with the message “I will not give in to any adversity and trust in my potential” and “Diamond”, which contains a positive thought “Everyone shines towards their dreams, together, like a perfect diamond.”


Among them, the title song “Limitless” was also used as the opening theme song of the popular anime “Dual Masters WIN” by Terebi Tokyo, Japan, and is a song that makes ATEEZ constantly overcome the fight with them.

ATEEZ’s second Japanese single “LIMITLESS” will be released on March 22.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: KQ Entertainment

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