NINE MUSES: MINHA held her “Bridal shower”

MINHA, member of NINE MUSES, has finished her “Bridal shower”.

Recently, on the YouTube channel “Minha’s Soso Saso“, the video for “Bridal Shower ♀️” (feat. 91-line of Nine Muses) dressed up elegantly and threw a crazy princess party. A video titled “Bridal Dress” and “Guest Look” has been uploaded.

MINHA, who is set to get married in May, enjoyed a bridal shower with Nine Muses members Gavin and Hyemi.

Looking at herself dressed in dresses with white tones, MINHA:This is the standard Bsha look. Have you ever tried Bsha? It’s my first time. Dressed like this, I feel like I’m at party with the look I thought of,” she said happily.

MINHA said, “We are going to choose a bridesmaid with the members in April, but we all did a bridal shower.

MINHA, Gavin, and Hyemin celebrated the bridal shower with a photo, clapping and saying, “We’re excited” while wearing flower bracelets.

Afterwards, the three changed into dresses in pastel shades. When MINHA said, “Let’s go high this time“, Gavin provoked laughter by saying, “You have to test high quality to know high quality.”

The three people, who had seriously settled down, drank a glass of champagne and chatted. In particular, MINHA’s future husband also participated in the filming of TikTok and helped.

MINHA announced her wedding for May via her SNS in February.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: YouTube MINHA

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