Friday, December 1, 2023

THE WIND: A first group photo

Rookie boy band THE WIND has begun its countdown to a full-fledged debut.


THE WIND (Shin Jae Won, Kim Hee Soo, Thanatorn, Choi Han Bin, Park Hayuchan, An Chan Won, and Jang Hyoun Joon) posted its first group profile picture on its official SNS on the afternoon of March 23.

The full visual of THE WIND was unveiled for the first time that day. The seven group members are wearing school uniforms and looking up at the sky, exuding its refreshing and youthful charm with a smile. The natural ambience like in front of a picture from a movie naturally gives viewers a pleasant energy. The visual combination of seven people and seven colors is also eye-catching.

THE WIND is the first artist prepared by his agency With Us Entertainment for five years and consists of seven boys with not only strong visuals and skills, but also individuality, charm and personality. Like a healing wind in various forms in all seasons, THE WIND will also blow on K-pop fans in different ways.

In “Beginning: The Wind Page“, which will be the first chapter, what concept THE WIND will show, infinite potential and unique sensitivity are expected.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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