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ATEEZ: Members Share Tour Memories Before « Anchor »

ATEEZ answers some questions about its international tour « THE FELLOWSHIP : BREAK THE WALL ».


Before starting the « Anchor » of « THE FELLOWSHIP : BREAK THE WALL » world tour, ATEEZ members conducted an interview today, March 23, in Seoul to share their feelings about their previous dates.

After meeting more than 100,000 fans in Europe alone, ATEEZ has shown its popularity internationally. JONGHO, the youngest member, said: « It was an honour to perform in front of so many fans. I think I finished the tour well. I want to be a singer who transmits deep feelings around the world. » YEOSANG added: « I felt fans’ love in every country. It’s a very motivating feeling. » 

With two sold-out tours within a year, ATEEZ has managed to establish itself on the international stage. During the interview, HONGJOONG, ATEEZ leader, said: « I completed two world tours within a year. I was able to go to many cities in Europe, the United States and Japan as soon as the pandemic ended. We had prepared many songs to show various facets of our music to our fans. It was fun and meaningful ». While for WOOYOUNG: « It’s a great honour to perform on the iconic stage of diverse countries. » He also added: « I saw Harry Styles in concert a while ago. And I thought to myself: we performed at the same place! I was moved to play on the same stage as a great artist. »


A memorable tour for the members who treasured memories. For SAN and HONGJOONG, Paris shows are the most memorable. According to SAN, « Fans were screaming and stamping their feet. I felt the audience tremble on the stage. » HONGJOONG added: « We had experienced this during our first tour,  « EXPEDITION TOUR », but this year, there were even more people, and the audience was really hot. » For WOOYOUNG, it was the shows in Belgium and Denmark because they were a first for him: « They were special for me. It encouraged me to give myself even more. »

This last tour was also an opportunity for the members to improve their skills. Regarding this, SEONGHWA said: « During the tour, I developed my talents, especially in performance, I received a lot of advice that I could use in later activities. I’ll be back with a better performance for the next album. ». While for MINGI: « I couldn’t perform during the pandemic, but I think I gained a lot of strength from this tour. We learned a lot during the tour and are motivated to do better in the future. » Finally, YUNHO said: « I think my energy on stage only got better as the tour went on.» 


Finally, to end this interview, HONGJOONG said to come back with a new look worthy of « Anchor » while WOOYOUNG said: « I want to show you that I grew up after many performances in many countries. The goal is to show the identity of ATEEZ on stage. This year is the sixth year since my debut. My biggest dream is to live a long life like the seniors of SHINHWA. So my goal is to prove to you that we are capable of it. »

ATEEZ will perform for the « Anchor » of « THE FELLOWSHIP : BREAK THE WALL » world tour on April 28-29 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, South Korea.

Journalist: Laura
Translator: Laura
Source: KQ Entertainment

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