MCND : The group receives an outstanding response from Japanese fans

MCND TOKYO LIVE 2023’ consists of a special fan meeting in the first part and a live concert in the second part, and despite the first fan meeting and concert in Japan, the audience filled the audience to add to the heat of the concert hall.


MCND started the fan meeting with a strong stage by performing the ‘#MOOD’ stage with powerful dance and live performance. Amid enthusiastic cheers from fans, MCND hosted various talks and mini games. MCND continued to spend time with fans by showing their wit and proficiency, giving off endless charm.

The second part of the concert was a seat performance, but fans woke up at the same time with the start of the first stage, and they were so enthusiastic that they asked everyone to sit down for safety concerns. It performed 20 songs, including ‘Ice age’, ‘Crush’, ‘nanana’, and performed a cover song of Back Number’s ‘水平線(Suheisen, Horizon)’.


An official who hosted the concert said, “It was unusual for fans to stand up as a group and cheer at the start of the stage as if they had promised,” adding, “It was surprising that fans also responded to MCND’s intense performance and live.

MCND said, “It’s an honor to have my first memory in Japan with my fans. Thank you to all the fans who supported and watched the first performance, and we will become MCND who can repay you with better performances in the future.”


In April, MCND will meet fans at “1st ASIA TOUR in THAILAND” in Thailand, the last area of the [1ST] tour, to solidify its position as a global trend idol.

Journalist: Shawn

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