GREATGUYS: Summer will be for the group

A return would potentially be announced for the summer.

DNA Entertainment‘s group GREATGUYS posted images on its official SNS stating the date of “June 2023“.

With these images the message “give us lots of interest and love” was written.

The group GREATGUYS composed of 8 members, HAN EUL, UI YEON, DONG IN, DONG HWI, DA UN, HO RYEONG, HWAL CHAN and BAEK GYEOL is active in Korea and Japan mainly and performs on various activities such as acting and songs.

You can find GREATGUYS members in Japan for the “FAN-LIVE 2023 JAPAN TOUR“.

From April 21 to 23 at K-SQURE 3F and from April 26 to May 25 at FCLIVE TOKYO.

Reservations link: HERE

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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