FROMIS_9: Soft charm to close “notyet” version

All official photos showing the visual concept of FROMIS_9’s new album have been released.


FROMIS_9 released the official photo “notyet” version of its debut album “UNLOCK MY WORLD” on official SNS at 9 p.m. KST on May 25.

“notyet” is the latest version of the three concept photo sets released so far. It caught the eye with the sensibility of girls who exude a romantic atmosphere.

After individual photos of PARK JI WON, LEE SEO YEON, BAEK JI HEON, and LEE NA GYUNG, who showed off their beautiful sides earlier, ROH JI SUN, LEE CHAE YOUNG, LEE SAE ROM, and SONG HA YOUNG excited global fans with images more beautiful than the flowers next to them. In the group photo, there is a padlock in the shape of a broken heart which contradicts the good looks of the members. It made you wonder how it would relate to the album’s message “UNLOCK MY WORLD“.

The first concept “reality”, which shows the individuality of each member, expresses an honest and friendly charm, and the second “imagine” expresses a chic and mature feeling. On top of that, “notyet” raised expectations for “UNLOCK MY WORLD” by capturing the beautiful aspects of existing FROMIS_9.

The members have thoroughly assimilated all of these concepts, pointing to a variety of charms to be introduced in the future. The three versions of the concept tell a story in which FROMIS_9 finds “the real me”, the agency explained. As much as the colorful visuals, the musical growth that will be billed as “UNLOCK MY WORLD” is also expected.


FROMIS_9 will be making a comeback with its first full album “UNLOCK MY WORLD” on June 5 after releasing a concept trailer, medley, and official teaser for the title track “#menow.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Pledis Entertainment

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