ITZY: LIA will make her voice heard in a new soundtrack

ITZY’s LIA shows off her delicate vocals with the soundtrack to the drama “Dr. Romantic 3.”

Soundtrack production company Music Recipe will unveil soundtrack part 5 of SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Dr Romantic 3“, by ITZY’s LIA수백날 수천밤” on all online music sites at 6 p.m. today.

수백날 수천밤” offers beautiful and colorful harmony with vintage acoustic guitar performances and rich orchestral performances. At the same time, the title is expected to convey a deep aftertaste to fans with a delicate expression through ITZY’s LIA’s unique falsetto and authenticity.


ITZY’s Lia grabbed attention by showing off delicate singing skills in the soundtracks of dramas “The red sleeve” and “Alchemy of souls.ITZY’s LIA establish themselves as a world-class band by completing its first “Checkmate” world tour. “Dr Romantic 3” will also reveal its unique presence with a special sound source that will fascinate listeners.

At the same time, “수백날 수천밤” was worked on by music director Jeon Chang Yeop, who was loved by viewers for many soundtracks such as in dramas “재벌집 막내아들“, “별에서 온 그대” and “홍천기“. On top of that, in collaboration with composers Zeenan, OneTop, and J. Season, another part of the soundtrack is expected to see the light of day.

Dr. Romantic 3” is popular, with thrilling incidents of doctors set against the backdrop of “Doldam Hospital”, registering the highest viewership rating of 16% yet.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : SNS ITZY

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