Friday, September 29, 2023

JOOHEON: An intense choreographic performance

MONSTA X‘s JOOHEON caught the eye with his intense performance.

On May 27, JOOHEON posted a choreography video for the title track “Freedom” from his first solo mini album “LIGHTS” on MONSTA X‘s official YouTube channel.

In the released video, JOOHEON appeared in a comfortable, hip-hop style against the backdrop of the practice room, showing perfect harmony with the dancers, completing a lyrical and powerful performance. In particular, JOOHEON showed his passion reminiscent of a real performance by shouting vigorously.

This choreography video is getting a great response from fans as it shows great speed control from JOOHEON’s solo dance to intense group dance at a glance.

The title track “Freedom” is a song that sings about the feeling of a boy flying towards freedom and delivers JOOHEON’s various positions, such as rapping, vocals, and producing. In particular, the lyrical feeling of piano and strings, the strong atmosphere of hip-hop and the beautiful choir come together to create a new genre called “Jooheon” which has not been seen in existing music.

You can also see JOOHEON’s “freedom” in the performance. In addition to Krump’s performance, addictive moves such as choreography that seems to enjoy freedom with open arms are expressed in JOOHEON’s own style, and dance challenges using spot choreography are also attracting attention.

JOOHEON has been active with the title track “Freedom” since releasing their debut mini album “LIGHTS.”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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