Saturday, December 2, 2023
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FROMIS_9 : Discover their world

Ready to cross the barriers to go above and join another world.


The PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT group FROMIS_9 is making its comeback today, in a concert hall in Seoul. Consisting of members SAEROM, JISUN, HAYOUNG, CHAEYOUNG, NAGYUNG, JIWON, SEOYEON, and JIHEON, the group returns with a debut album titled “UNLOCK MY WORLD“.


It is during a showcase therefore, that the female group greets the journalists ready to discover this first album, six years since its debut. The showcase begins with the broadcast of a teaser to introduce the members, before they go on stage for a photo shoot. Subsequently, they thank the people supporting them after a year of hiatus since their last mini-album.

This album is about exploring and protecting a world larger than the one we know-SEOYEON

The young women talk one by one about this comeback, presenting the new songs on this album as a more mature version of the group, which corresponds to the artists they are today. Indeed, the key message is to open a door, one on a new world, but also on the people they really are. To emphasize this message, SAEROM dances a movement from the chorus, where she mimes waves with her hands, as well as CHAE YOUNG which also shows movements with her hands where the thumb and index finger are raised, then decrease. Finally, SEO YEON dances the chorus, enough to make your mouth water for the title song “#menow”.

Moreover, the album has three different versions, being “reality”, “imagine” and “notyet”. These versions allow fans to dive into the particular universe of the group, and the world that the singers have “unlocked”. Very quickly, they took their place on stage to perform their new title song for the first time, always under the watchful eyes of the journalists present. This performance is performed just after the broadcast of the corresponding clip, where we see them dancing sometimes in evening dresses, sometimes in pajamas, seeming free from all constraints.

We find ourselves after FROMIS_9 for a discussion session with the MC and the reporters. The youngest of the group begins by once again thanking the journalists who give their time and attention to the group’s comeback. She is therefore very curious to know the reaction of people to this new album. They also affirm their desire to present good music to their fans, especially since the members participated in the lyrics of a title, “눈맞춤”.

Going back to the title song, NA GYUNG describes it as a song truly oriented around the singers, and their personality in order to show a new, more mature side of themselves. Regarding the album in general, it is described as offering a wider repertoire of their style, which they hope will achieve the goal of being first on music shows, but above all that people will take the time to listen to their music.

The first time we heard the title song, we thought it was an opportunity to expand our musical panel” – JISUN

For the Q&A with the journalists, we ask them what is the major difference between this comeback and that of last year. The maknae recalls that both are summer comebacks, and therefore the style is relatively similar, but that the message delivered varies because here, they all focus on the person they are. They therefore consider that “menow” is the title with this comeback, and the one they wish to recommend.

Looking back behind the scenes of the MV filming, JIWON recalls the time when they all had to run on a runway, holding hands and laughing. This scene seemed to her so natural, that she said to herself that the group was really welded and close. The maknae focused more on how best to represent the lyrics in the dance and the facial expressions of the members.

JISUN, on the other hand, addresses the fact that this is the group’s first album in six years since their debut, making it precious to them, rich in meaning. It was therefore more important than for mini-albums to show and prove what women they had become in recent years, and what their musical evolution is. CHAE YOUNG completes these lyrics, recalling that despite the difference in style and taste between the members of the group, they manage to complement each other with harmony, making this comeback all the more significant.

This album is a challenge for us. We have worked hard for this comeback, and hope that our efforts will be recognized” – SAEROM

During the group’s one-year hiatus, the artists weren’t left without rest as they continued to practice, never ceasing to work hard. Given this level of importance, the group was worried, afraid of not meeting this challenge at its height, but they are filled with hope. NA GYUNG returns to the clip again, talking about the post-credits scene depicting a dance battle between the members. She recounts that the idea originally came from the director, saying it might be funny. The members now consider, despite their shyness while filming the scene, that this is the strong point of the clip.


The words of our reporter: It’s a comeback that highlights the talents of its singers, good luck for the promotions!”

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