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SEVENTEEN: JUN unveils his electrifying new digital single, “PSYCHO”

JUN is back with his new Chinese digital single “PSYCHO”.


The talented K-pop group SEVENTEEN continues to surprise its fans with its innovative music and energetic performances. This time, it’s JUN, one of the group’s members, who takes the center of the stage with the release of his latest solo single, titled “PSYCHO”.

MOON JUNHUI, also known by his stage name JUN, once again showcases his versatile talent with “PSYCHO”. His previous singles “SILENT BOARDING GATE“; released in April 2021 and “LIMBO”; released in September 2022 had already captivated fans, but “PSYCHO”; stands out with its dark and mysterious ambiance, accentuated by powerful lyrics, refined musical production, and enchanting charm. CARATs, fans of JUN and SEVENTEEN, have noticed that this new track reflects Jun’s ability to explore diverse musical genres.


This single is a real sound experience, both captivating and bewitching.

Let’s delve into the details of this new alternative hyperpop creation.

The music video production (MV) for “Psycho”; is impressively high-quality and highlights JUN‘s imposing presence and choreography.

JUN participated in the writing and composition of the song. The track features a combination of subtle electronic sounds, intense percussion, and catchy melodies. The sophisticated production adds an extra dimension to the song, providing depth and richness to the overall sound.

The lyrics of “PSYCHO”; express the feeling of being misunderstood and doubting oneself. JUN talks about how desires become sins and innocence is mocked. He questions his identity and expresses a mixture of emotions, between laughter and tears. In the final verse, he asks rhetorical questions about those who are considered strange, demonic, or manipulated by others, and encourages them not to hide because they are not alone. The lyrics delve into inner struggles and the importance of accepting oneself as a unique individual in a world that may reject differences.


This new musical style also showcases a new facet and an increasingly imposing and sexy aura of the singer. As expected from a member of SEVENTEEN’s performance sub-unit, the choreography is impressive.

CARATs enthusiastically welcomed this new music release. “PSYCHO”; has garnered numerous positive reactions, with praise-filled comments on social media. Fans have been particularly impressed by JUN’s ability to reinvent himself and present such a bold and captivating sound.

With “PSYCHO”; JUN from SEVENTEEN once again proves his artistic talent and ability to create songs that leave a lasting impact. CARATs eagerly await the talented artist’s future musical creations.

Journalist: Léo
Translator: Léo

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