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KINGDOM: JAHAN answers some questions

JAHAN from the group KINGDOM showed his dignity.


KINGDOM (Hwon, Jahan, Dann, Arthur, Mujin, Louis and Ivan) released a personal concept photo for the 7th mini album “History of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN” on its official website and SNS at midnight on October 2.

In the published photo, JAHAN wears a khaki suit and shows an intense atmosphere. His charisma is felt in the way he looks at the camera. In another photo, JAHAN exudes an alluring charm. In particular, his deep gaze and eye-catching visuals have aroused admiration.

The seven-part “Kingdom Story” is an epic poem between a king trying to awaken as a true king and six kings who come from different eras to help him. This album is the final installment of Season 1, which has been running for over three years, and will cover the story of JAHAN in “The Kingdom of the Sun“.


In response, the main character of this episode, JAHAN, delivered questions and answers via his agency GF Entertainment before the release of this new album.

Here are the questions and answers from King JAHAN.

Q. This is your return after 7 months. How do you feel?

In fact, this is the one I’m looking forward to the most. Since I’m the main character, I want to show you who I am, so I’m more excited than nervous.

Q. The 7th mini-album represents the “Kingdom of the Sun”, with JAHAN as the main character. How do you feel?

I think I can show you the most powerful and charismatic side of the album we have made so far. And I’ll show you who I am.

Q. Are there any performances you want to achieve?

I want to perform on many stages with as many KINGMAKERS (fans of the band) as possible, since I can’t see them all.

Q. What was the most memorable episode of “History of Kingdom”?

The 7th and 6th albums are the most memorable. These are the newest ones and there were a lot of things I prepared myself.

Q. What have you learned most from your seven-part series over the past three years?

I gained experience, stage and love from many fans. And the most important thing I got was that I learned a lot about my love for dance and music.

Q. How does it feel to finish the seven-part series that was a vast worldview?

To be honest, I can’t believe we’ve already finished the seven-part series, but since I’m last, I’ll do my best to finish this activity.

Q. What is the strong point of this album?

The overall music and choreography seems more diverse than previous albums. Additionally, I think we can show a more intense and charismatic appearance than existing KINGDOM scenes.

Q. Which model made you dream of becoming a singer?

It’s BTS. When I first saw the video, I really wanted to become a singer, so that started it.

Q. Is there any national and international artist you want to collaborate with?

BTS, I really want to do it with J-Hope and Jungkook. Because it’s the seniors that I respect the most.

Q. It’s been three years since your debut. Who was the most impressive fan?

Every time I see them, there are fans who always think about my health before me and insist that I don’t get hurt. The fans who care more about me, than me, are the most impressive.

Q. Do you have any future goals or dreams?

J’espère que plus de gens me verront à travers cet album.

Q. Finally, please say something for the KINGMAKERS (fandom name).

KINGMAKERS! I’m sorry I made you wait so long and I’m finally here. I’ll show you a super me.

KINGDOM will release its seventh mini album, “History of Kingdom: Part Ⅶ. JAHAN”, at 6 p.m. KST on October 18.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: GF Entertainment

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