Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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SF9 : a comeback marking a new era

      SF9, from the agency FNC ent., ends the “Sensation” era with their 3rth mini album “O sole mio”.


       The group composed of 9 members, YOUNGBIN, INSEONG, JAYEOON, DAWON, ROWOON, ZUHO, TAEYANG, HWIYOUNG and CHANI are coming back with a softer song, different from the previous ones, with latin notes after their last comeback dating from April 2017 (2nd mini album “Easy Love”). “O sole mio” : a catchy melody and a perfectly executed choreography which perfectly fits the song.

Photos prises pendant la performance de “O sole mio’


            Compared to their previous concepts, this one is much sexier and celebrate the first year of the group. They hope to be able to seduce the public with the exotic rythme of their title song “O sole mio” which means “oh my sun” in Italian. After their prestation and the presentation of the title song, they proceeded with the performance of “Play with me 나랑놀자”.

Photo prise pendant la performance de “Play With Me”

Après que le MV de “O sole mio” ait été diffusé, le phototime a commencé.

           A la fin de leur présentation solo, les membres ainsi que la MC Lee Gook Ju ont procédé aux questions. INSEONG, bien que l’un des plus âgés du groupe, a montré son “aegyo”.

          At the end of the promotions of “Easy Love”, they were able to meet their asian fans during fanmeeting (Taiwan, Thailand, Philipine), as well as their Japan concert in August 2nd, and their Korean fans had the pleasure to see them again during their first official on August 13rth. American fans will be able to see them on stage, Dallas, Seattle, and BostonDAWON is thankful to have been able to participate in Weekly Idol, and that he was able to make his group known to be a larger audience.

            The “danse line” (YOUNGBIN, TAEYANG, CHANI) showed the “killing point” of the choreography of “O sole mio”.

SF9_SHOWCASE_171012 (142)

            Chani learned from DAWON how to be charmer, and he practiced his winks and seductive smiles. ROWOON would have wanted to learn samba in Brasil to perfect his danse steps for their title song but their schedule didn’t allow it.

            The members participated to the majority of the songs. DAWON also pointed out that the MV shooting venue took place at the same place of MV shooting from famous american name such as Rihana and Kanye West. Moreover, in their LA hotel, HWIYOUNG heard a rapping ghost, which scared him but made the members and staff laugh.

            YOUNGBIN specified that if they are nominated for the first place, they will hold a free hug event.

             When the members went through difficult times, the MC Lee Gook Ju and AOA Jimin, invited them to eat in meat restaurant.

             They ended their showcase by thanking the journalists and to prepare themselves for the fan showcase starting at 8pm.

Journalist : Noeline

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