HELLOVENUS : The end of a group.

     Group HELLOVENUS decided to disband after 7 years.


    According to agency officials, members of HELLOVENUS decided to follow their own path as an actress or singer. HELLOVENUS debuted in 2012 and the end of its group activities will take place in May.

HELLOVENUS debuted in 2012 as part of a co-arrangement between FANTAGIO and PLEDIS Entertainment, then YOONJO and YOO A-RA, of Pledis, left the group, the other 6 members formed a group from 2014. Leaving a sexy concept, the success was out of breath and could not maintain momentum. Their last complete song is “Mysteriousin January 2017.

     Although it was not noticed for its group activities, it became a prominent figure in the personal activities of the members. NARA has proven her talent by filming entertainment and commercials, and YOO YOUNG was recently screened on tvN’s “When the Devil Call Your Name” show.

It is therefore a last goodbye that girls make to their fans as a group.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : Fantagio Entertainment

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