JAY PARK : Opening of an original Youtube channel.

     JAY PARK unveils a teaser for “Choosen1“.

      Since his stardom as a K-Pop artist, his exile and his return, the series tells the powerful story of JAY PARK, recounting his ten years of journey, and describes what it means to be a successful Korean-American, in a culture that ranks its stars.

     It is for the opening of an original Youtube channel that JAY PARK, whose real name is PARK JAE BEOM, unveils a teaser in which people who are close to him professionally speaking to us about this singer and rapper. From the beginning of his career until now.

Singer JAY PARK, who will soon celebrate his 10-year career, announced on his SNS that in a few years (fairly close), he would put an end to his career as an artist.

JAY PARK will open his original official channel “Choosen1” on May 1st at 11pm KST.

Journalist : Shawn

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