EXID : The comeback is near.

    EXID girls’ group unveiled the second group photo of its new song “ME & YOU” on its official websites and SNS today at noon.

EXID 단체 티저 이미지 2

   In the published photo, EXID’s members show their charm by posing together in sober and natural outfits. The girls had previously unveiled individually spoiler videos that put them on this chair. In the previous group photo they were dressed in brightly colored clothes, EXID members expressing a warm and innocent atmosphere around JUNGHWA.

     The new EXID mini album “ME & YOU” is an album co-produced by Sinsa-dong Horangi, composers Beverly Kids and LE. In addition to the title song; the songs’ 어떻게 지내 ‘,’ 아끼지 마 ‘,’ 나의 밤 ‘, increase fans’ expectations.

     EXID is preparing for a comeback in force with its fans right out of the album on May 15th.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : Banana Culture

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