AB6IX : The titles of their EP album.

     AB6IX unveiled the track list of his first EP album.

ab6ix tracklist

   BRAND NEW MUSIC unveiled the tracklist of AB6IX‘s first EP album, “B: COMPLETE“, which will be released on May 22nd, on the official SNS of AB6IX today at noon KST.

     The list of titles unveiled includes the intense title song “BREATHE“, the hiphop song “ABSOLUTE“, a song that will be a special gift for fans “별자리“, another more hiphop title “FRIEND ZONE“, a sophisticated song like urban house “LIGHT ME UP” and “둘만의 춤” that looks more like a band title and of course the song “HOLLYWOOD” that fans have already heard.

    In addition to his first album, AB6IX has shown its unusual appearance as a complete artist, producing and composing all the songs on the album, by the members themselves.

   “The members participated in all the songs on the album, as well as the choreography and performance, they devoted themselves body and soul,” said BRAND NEW MUSIC.Only a week into our debut, we work hard for a perfect performance, so look forward to it and give us all our attention.” says the group members.

     AB6IX’s first EP album, “B: COMPLETE“, will be released at 6 pm KST on May 22nd, starting with a first performance at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall the same day.

Journalist : Shawn

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