TRCNG : A title before the comeback.

    Boys’ group TRCNG will release a new single before its comeback.


   TS Entertainment, the TRCNG agency, announced today that TRCNG will be presenting for the first time one of the songs from its second album to long-time fans this month before their comeback next month.

     TRCNG will release a preliminary song at 18pm KST on May 17th, the performance will be unveiled for the first time at the DREAM CONCERT on May 18th. This new song was presented as an impressive title by the band.

     The members of TRCNG, who are all attractive, also explained the meaning of this release, stating: “We always wanted to release a song before the release of the album for fans who love us fiercely.

   In particular, TRCNG members expressed their hope and support for their long-awaited return before their official activities in June.

    TRCNG, who is currently preparing its new album and accelerating its final preparations, will return in June. The focus is on the ability of the TRCNG to assert itself this year as an outsider in the music industry.

TRCNG is a group consisting of JIHUN, HAYOUNG, TAESEON, HAKMIN, WOOYEOP, JISUNG, HYUNWOO, SIWOO, HOHYEON and KANGMIN and debuted in October 2017.

Journalist : Shawn
Source : TS Entertainment

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