SF9 : 150 beats per minute.

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     Today marks the return of SF9.

SF9 (19)

Today June 17, 2019, group SF9, consisting of YOUNG BIN, IN SEONG, JAE YOON, DA WON, RO WOON, ZU HO, TAE YANG, HWI YOUNG and CHA NI, is back with his new mini-album “RPM“. The presentation of this new mini-album takes place at the YES24 Live Hall in Seoul, a large room to feel the heartbeat of these 9 boys with powerful talents.

       The main song is called “RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)” and represents the heartbeats per minute which increase during intense emotions. Produced by Tha Aristocrats and Iconicsounds, who have worked with Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez among others, this title looks strong and intense. After unveiling titles which were a little more sexy before, like “Now or never” and “Enough“, SF9 are back to show us a little more power.

     The showcase starts directly with performances on stage. “RPM“‘s one is strong, as the group announced it with its photo teasers, and the choreography reveals powerful and different movements for each member. Such an overflow of intensity will force you to watch this sublime performance several times, because you won’t know where to look.

     The second performance is “돌고 돌아 (Round and round)“, a title a little less strong but which alternates between power and lightness, allowing your eyes to find a certain choreographic harmony to appreciate this song which is just as interesting as the previous one.

    Already, with these 2 titles unveiled, SF9 are making a powerful comeback and allow the public to project into this new concept. Revealing the energy of the 9 members, the songs of this 7th mini-album highlight the power and the overflowing charisma of these 9 boys.

     The showcase then leads us to discover the new MV of the group.

   The MV is futuristic, with outfits from another universe. The boys are charismatic and the music is catchy. Only a few words, as the images speak for themselves.

     This viewing allows the group to get ready for the photo-time. The boys appear in front of the journalists’ objectives and each member, with a smile, poses and imposes his masculinity, as well as his strength of character.

     This new mini-album offers us a great packaging. The cover, colored in an intense black with, at its center, some night blue, already shows us the power of this new opus. Composed of a 42-page photobook with interesting design, blue, black and white colors, and decorated with writings and codes, it will amaze you with its overlays of images. Inside, you will also find a poster of a random member, a transparent ID card and 2 other photocards. A delight for the fans.

    During the talk and the questions from the journalists, JAE YOON recalled a memory of their tour and their stop in Paris: he met a girl who asked him if he was part of SF9. It was a pleasant surprise for him to see someone recognizing him when he was alone and knowing he was part of the group SF9. A very good, short, but pleasant moment.

     Moreover, during this tour CHA NI was a little savior for the group, as he was able to communicate in English with those present. The members warmly thank him for having helped them with understanding.

     For this comeback, the group was quite worried about it. So, in order to give the best possible quality, the boys keep watching TV, their MVs and talk a lot with their “CEO” to make sure that what they are doing is good. They worked so hard that they lost a lot of weight and so other people also worried about them, especially their parents. They reassure their loved ones: this was wanted and controlled to give a sexy image during their powerful performances and interviews.

    Two members were worried about their image in relation to this comeback: JAE YOON, as a visual, wanted to show a more confident image of him. Therefore, he has been working hard in sports and the result in the MV suits him well. As for ZU HO, he thinks his image is too cold in the photos and the MV, so he asked to have small braids in his hairstyle, to look more cute.

     RO WOON spoke about his drama, in which he will appear on TV soon, and for which he worked a lot to give a fair performance.

SF9 (25)

   SF9 sign a powerful, masculine and charismatic return with their 7th mini-album “RPM“.

     Our reporter’s word: “A pretty strong comeback, with a preference for the title “Round and round”. The members are attractive, especially CHA NI and IN SEONG, and I wish them a good promotion and a good ranking in the charts.

Journalist : Shawn
Reporter / Photograph : Anaïs Pillet
Translator : Lyva


This post is also available in: Français (French)

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