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CICI : Debuts’ showcase.

     Today, we are at the COEX MALL Live Plaza for the debut of UPVOTE Entertainment‘s group CICI 씨씨.

CICI (34)

      It is in front of a live audience that the group will make its debut.

To make us wait during the twenty minutes preceding the showcase, short interviews of the boys introducing themselves are broadcasted on a TV. We also see them doing covers, such as TXT’s one.

      It is 3 PM in Seoul and the show starts with a short teaser before the stage performance of CICI 씨씨 first title: “CC“. Their first steps in public are very professional while facing some sounds problems.

     The 4 boys, WON, SUNGHYUN, JL and HANEUL, introduce themselves quickly before posing in front of the professionals’ and the fans’ cameras for a phototime. They take the time to explain their name, CICI 씨씨, which is an onomatopoeia that expresses annoyance and frustration (with adequate gestures).

      The group then performs a SHINee dance cover (Replay), which you have already seen during buskings in the streets of Seoul. Afterwards, we can admire the debut MV before the boys follow up with several performances: a cover of GFRIEND (Me gusta Tu) and a song without choreography (Rewind) … They finish by performing again on their debut song.

      Next, the boys announce that if their MV reaches 100,000 views, they will publish a dance practice of them dressed as princesses.

    Among the fans present, four of them win an autographed album after answering a quiz. Then, a high-touch event is organized.
The live broadcast ends, and for those who posted on Instagram a photo of the showcase, they can win a signed album and take a picture with the group before the showcase is really over.

      During this event, we have learned several details about the members of the group:


Leader, vocal He wanted to become a singer by being a fan of DBSK.

Favorite Song: “End of a day” by Jonghyun.

The dearest person to him is his father.

He wants to go to Africa one day.

Lately, he listens a lot to “Spring Love” by Wendy and Eric Nam.

He likes to make aegyos.

He hopes, via Instagram, to communicate often with his fans.

His favorite cover is BTS’ “Boy with luv“.

His wallpaper is Haneul, Sunghyun and him when they covered TXT’s “Crown“.

He practices martial arts and makes acrobatic jumps.


Dancer He wanted to become a singer by being a fan of SUPER JUNIOR since “Sorry Sorry“.

Favorite song: “Burning” by Sam Smith.

Favorite Movie: “Interstellar“, “Harry Potter“, “Avengers: End Game“.

He takes great care of his skin.

He is happy when he eats.

The members and the CEO are the most important to him.

He wants to go to Russia one day.

His wallpaper is Won, Sunghyun and him when they covered TXT’s “Crown“.

Lately, he listens to Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” a lot.

His favorite cover is “Want” by Taemin.

He is the most flexible of the group.


Rapper He wanted to become a singer by being a fan of LEE JEONG HYEON.

Favorite song: “Boys and Girls” by Zico. This one being his favorite singer.

His wallpaper is Haneul, Won and him when they covered TXT’s “Crown.

He likes to walk around and dreams of going to the MAMAs.

His mother and sister (disabled) are the most important to him.

Lately, he listens a lot to Heize’s “You, Cloud, Rain” as it currently rains a lot.

His favorite cover is BTS’ “Boy with luv“.

He wants to go to Thailand one day.

He is the visual of the group and is called “꽃 남자” (flower boy).


Maknae He wanted to become a singer by watching the tv show “Music Bank“.

Favorite song: “Vibe” by 1Team .

Favorite Drama: “Boys over Flowers“.

He is eager to hold fansigns to chat with the fans.

BtoB is his favorite band, as well as BTS.

He wants to go to Japan one day.

His wallpaper is him doing a face.

Lately, he listens a lot to Charlie Puth’s “One call away“.

His favorite cover is Black Pink’s “Kill this love” because he performed it at Everland with a hundred other dancers.

He is an expert in jump rope.

     Live note: before the beginning of the showcase, SUNGHYUN, went in the crowd to hug a child with Trisomy 21 and Psoriasis. The girl’s mother then took him in her arms, caressing his face and patting his buttocks affectionately. Being members of his family, the young man often looked in their direction, sending them hearts, and the mother was holding a sign with his name written on it. 

     Our reporter’s words: “While we could feel the boys were very stressed  in the beginning, they were full of energy and seemed happy to make their debut. They gave the best of themselves, both singing and dancing, and they wanted to be close to their fans. With this bright and lovable group, I can not wait to discover their future! Fighting CICI ~

Journalist: Shawn
Reporter / Photograph: Anaïs Pillet

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