ITZY : They left to conquer abroad.

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Group ITZY, “phenomenal rookies”, began its global promotion by organizing a showcase tour abroad.


On November 2nd, ITZY opened the doors of their overseas tour called “ITZY PREMIE SHOWCASE TOUR ITZY? ITZY!” at the JCC Plary Hall in Jakarta, Indonesia.

They gave a perfect performance with their mini-album “IT’z ICY” and the title track “ICY“, giving off the look of the leader of the stage.

The girls attracted fans with their intoxicating performances, such as their first song “Daladala“, or their digital single “Want it?“.

The girls also had fun showing “TT” performances of TWICE and “Hardcarry” performance of GOT7, and featured fans with discussions and games. In addition, local fans welcomed ITZY‘s first visit to Indonesia.

ITZY will continue to perform in Macao on November 9th, Taipei on December 1st, Manila on December 8th, Singapore on December 13th, and Bangkok on December 21st. Next year, they will extend their show with fans from the Americas, in Los Angeles on January 17th, Minneapolis on January 19th, Houston on January 22nd, Washington on January 24th and New York on January 26th.

ITZY debuted in February with the title song of its first digital single “IT’z Different“.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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