ASTRO : They reveal the name of their title song.

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On November 6th, ASTRO published a poster to reveal the name of their 6th mini album’s title song.

Thanks to this new poster, Fantagio Entertainment revealed that ASTRO‘s title song is “BLUE FLAME” as well as their upcoming mini album. On this poster, a blue book is open and held by someone we cannot see, maybe one of the group’s members. The purple/blue flames are also represented and they seem to come from the book which is slightly illuminated. The color of these flames reminds us of ASTRO‘s iconic purple and creates an intense and mysterious atmosphere around this comeback.

The title song “BLUE FLAME” is composed and arranged by VO3E et TC Mack who already worked with great artists from South Korea and abroad. Moreover, ASTRO‘s rappers, ROCKY and JINJIN, made their fans happy by making the rap parts of this song.

As a reminder, the group’s 6th mini album will be released on November 20th.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : Fantagio music

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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