TRCNG : Two members cancel their contract, and sue TS Entertainment.

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TS Entertainment rules on charges brought by TAE SEON and WOO YEOP, member of TRCNG.


WOO YEOP and TAE SEON, members of TRCNG, have terminated their exclusive contract and filed criminal charges against their agency TS Entertainment. In response, TS Entertainment responded that it was unfounded.

The 2 boys through the lawyers who represent them said that due to internal problems at the level of the management, violence, abuse was done on the minor members of the group TRCNG by people of their team framing.

Translation of the press release :

Hello, we are TS Entertainment.

Here is our official position on TRCNG.

Members of TRCNG, TAE SEON and WOO YEOP, who reported in the media today about the charges, have clearly stated that false claims.

Their claims are unilateral and come only from TAE SEON and WOO YEOP, all TRCNG members do not agree.

In addition, the actions of TAE SEON and WOO YEOP are detrimental to the business of TRCNG as a whole, and we will prosecute those who cause problems, including those that have damaged our reputation.

Thank you to all who are interested in us, who love and watch our artists.

We thank you.

Press release from TS Entertainment:

안녕하세요. TS엔터테인먼트입니다.

TRCNG 관련 공식입장 전달 드립니다.

오늘 매체에서 보도되었던 TRCNG 멤버 태선, 우엽이 주장하는 내용들은 사실이 아님을 분명히 밝힙니다.

이들의 주장하는 내용은 태선, 우엽의 일방적인 주장으로써, TRCNG 멤버 모두가 동의하고 있는 내용이 아닙니다.

또한 태선, 우엽의 행동은 TRCNG의 활동 전체에 피해를 주고 있으며, 당사의 명예를 훼손시킨 부분 등 손실을 일으키고 있는 부분에 대해서 법적 조치를 취할 예정입니다.

당사에 관심을 가져주시고, 소속 아티스트를 사랑해주시고 지켜봐 주시는 모든 분께 감사드립니다.


A new conflict is looming between TS Entertainment and its artists.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : TS Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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