K-TIGERS ZERO: Their national tour begins.

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K-TIGERS ZERO‘s first concert was successfully wrapped on Sunday last week-end.


The concert was held last Sunday on Daehyang Hall’s stage at Sejong University in Seoul. It marks the official beginning of K-TIGERS ZERO‘s national tour entitled K-TIGERS ZERO LIVE SHOW WORLD TOUR 2019 IN KOREA.

The twelve members of the band opened the show with the song «NOW», a song that is on the tracklist of the band’s first mini-album called HEEROAERAK. From the very first seconds of the performance, the public’s reaction was on fire.

At some point during the concert, the members were all wearing «doboks», which designates the uniforms worn by people who do Taekwondo. As usual, they included impressive Taekwondo moves in their choreography and also pleased the public with several covers and medleys of famous K-POP songs.

The band also wished to make their first concert very special by revealing some pictures of the members taken when they were young. They also unveiled videos in which we can see them train for their performances, or learn new choreographies. The behind the scenes of «SIDE KICK»‘s music video was also shown to the fans who were present that day. The K-TIGERS ZERO wanted to thank all of them for their support and love since the release of their first mini-album.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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