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LEE JUN YOUNG : Between reminder and new roles.

LEE JUN YOUNG will appear again in the “encore” of the musical “SWAG AGE MUSICAL 스웨그 에이지: 외쳐, 조선“. Tickets are open for sale.


Before the “encore” in February, a recall performance, which features LEE JUN YOUNG, opened ticket sales on Interpark since 11 am KST today. Despite his first role as main character through “SWAG AGE MUSICAL“, which made his first performance in June, LEE JUN YOUNG emerged as a leading actor on the music scene and also confirmed his role in this performance of reminder.

On the other hand, LEE JUN YOUNG successfully concluded the promotion of his first solo album “GALLERY“, with an excellent performance for the title “I Want“, on December 5th. Since then, LEE JUN YOUNG has also established itself as the main actor by taking three roles in the next SBS dramas “Good Casting“, KBS “나래, 박차 오르다“, and “아이돌 주치의“, which is due to air in 2020.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : NH Media

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