A.C.E : They go back to university in the USA.

Group A.C.E proves its worldwide popularity with its unrivaled growth.

ACE 10

Group A.C.E carried out a busking at the University of Washington, on Red Square in Seattle in the afternoon of December 17th (local time).

A.C.E showed its powerful performance and its perfect dance and, was greeted with enthusiasm by local fans at a closer distance.

In particular, A.C.E is planning a special collaboration with KOMPANY, a kpop dance club from the University of Washington, on the title “Savage“, which was reported in the local media “The Seattle Times” demonstrating its enthusiastic interest in United States.

A.C.E also claims a constant rise as a global idol, ranking #1 on the Billboard Next Big Sound, #21 on the Social chart 50 and #50 on the chart of emerging artists with its third mini-album, “UNDER COVER: THE MAD SQUAD“.

A.C.E is currently touring the United States with “UNDER COVER: AREA US“.

Journalist : Shawn
Translator : Shawn
Source : Beat Interactive / Dan Row (fan vidéo).

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