SEVEN O’CLOCK: Active from the start of the year.

Group SEVEN O’CLOCK has awakened the hearts of fans by opening the festivities since the new year.

seven o'clock

SEVEN O’CLOCK (Andy, Han Gyeom, Lee Sol, Tae Young and Rui) performed “Midnigt Sun“, the title track of their third mini album “WHITE NIGHT“, at “Music Bank” of KBS 2TV, which was released today.

SEVEN O’CLOCK, who was on stage, wearing casual outfits in pink and white colors, caught the attention of viewers with soft voices and his performance.

He also completed a passionate performance at Mnet’s “MCountdown”, which aired on Thursday. SEVEN O’CLOCK matched their neat outfits with a soft charisma and performed an attractive choreography.

SEVEN O’CLOCK, active since the New Year, regularly appears on music shows and continues to communicate with fans. In particular, the group has posted New Year’s greetings in Korean, English, Japanese and Cantonese on its official SNS for fans around the world, showing its prowess as a “global idol”.

SEVEN O’CLOCK will continue to appear in SBS’s “Inkigayo”, which will air on January 5th.

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