DKB: The new sensation in the music industry.

BRAVE ENTERTAINMENT‘s DKB made their debut with the song Sorry Mama.

DKB (다크비)

The boysband DKB (다크비) consists of nine members: E-CHAN (이찬, co-leader), D1 (디원, co-leader), TEO (테오), GK (지케이), LUNE (룬), HEECHAN (희찬), JUNSEO (준서), YUKU (유쿠) and HARRY-JUNE (해리준, maknae). They debuted with their first mini-album, “YOUTH“, on a showcase on February 3rd.

DKB (다크비)

The music video forSorry Mama“, their title track, was first broadcasted there. With a powerful rythm MV allows us to highlight each member, in a palette of colors ranging from red to blue through green. With refined aesthetic, the beginning of DKB looks promising.

Members then went up on stage to introduce themselves and their individual teasers. It was quickly followed up with the live performance of their song. On stage, the boys are smiling but bursting with charisma. The choreography, on the other hand, is strong and precise.

DKB (다크비)

They presented themselves as a hip-hop performance group and explained that their name means DARK BROWN EYES, just like the characteristic color of Asian eyes. With pride, they declared that most of the members participated in the process of writing their songs. Talking about their title track, HEECHAN presented the key point of the choreography which is when they sing mianhae eomma (미안해 엄마) and fold their hands as in a prayer.

Even though we’re a nine-members group, rather than thinking it’s going to be complicated for us, we prefer to think we’re going to do well and train harder” – D1

The members then left the stage, with the exception of GK, E-CHAN and HEECHAN who sang “Samsung“. The trio was full of energy and willingly came to meet it’s audience. They were then joined by the other six members to answer questions from journalists. They stated that even though they are part of a K-pop group, they are primarily a hiphop band capable of freestyle and of partially producing themselves. The little plus of the group, according to them, is their ability to perform acrobatics on stage to accompany their songs.

DKB (다크비)

We would like to be accepted, recognized and become the best in Asia. We are not only a group with a dark image -because of hiphop – but we also have our own clarity. We are made of both – black and white” – E-CHAN

DKB‘s members trained with the goal to provide perfect performances, however, during their very first performance of “Sorry Mama“, TEO missed one of the acrobatics but quickly reassured it’s audience; the main point is not to make a no mistakes but to learn from them and then not to repeat them again.

DKB (다크비)

This first mini-album is composed of the following five tracks:

– “Youth“: This intro marks the debutsof this album, mixing a hip-hop genre with a West Coast style. The members participated in writing the melody of this song about their youth.
– “Sorry Mama“: For the debut of Brave Entertainment’s new group, this track, produced by Red Cookie and the Brave Brothers, has impressive EDM arrangements that your ears won’t be able to detach from. In particular, the lyrics expressed by the members of DKB recount the wanderings of young friends who knew each other before, adding an extra charm to this song.

– “Go up: Hiphop song highlighted by pluck sounds, in which members participated in the writing of lyrics. This track is about the dreams and band’s excitement for their debut.
– “Elevator“: A collaboration between producers Maboos and Red Cookie, this song is based on a horn-supported hiphop style. It illustrates the group’s goal, aiming to continue to grow and succeed as if they were riding in an elevator rising to success.
– “Samsung“: This powerful song was produced by Red Cookie, with the participation of members in writing the lyrics. Unlike the other tracks on the album, Samsung reveals it’s charm with it’s spiritual lyrics.

We chose “Samsung” track for our last song to present Korean excellence, just like the recognition we’d like to achieve, simply because most of the time we only quote American firms” – GK

He later said that he had written this song to present it with E-CHAN, but he finally decided to invite HEECHAN too and perform it as trio. To close the showcase, boys performed Go up, a dynamic song. Once again, they played with their audience by revealing their playful and youthful personalities.

Our model is BTS. We are impressed by their success and we love their songs. To receive energy, we listen to “Run“. When we prefer to listen to a delicate music, our choice is “Butterfly“, and when our morale is at it’s lowest, “Fire” lifts us up” – E-CHAN

DKB (다크비)

This first mini-album “YOUTH” comes in a red packaging and a 32-pages photobook and random photocard of one of the group’s members.
Find the MV for the group’s debut here:

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: Pillet Anaïs
R/C: Alicja

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