KIM SUNG KYU: His first concert since the end of his service.

KIM SUNG KYU, leader of INFINITE, performs from February 7th to 9th on stage to celebrate his return from the army.


After having completed his military service for a little over a year and a half, KIM SUNG KYU (김성규), leader of INFINITE of Woollim Entertainment, returns to the stage for a concert over three days , called “Shine Encore“, echoing his first solo concert he had done before having to enlist.  

At the entrance to the stadium, every precaution is taken to limit the spread of the Corona Virus, in particular by forcing the mask to be worn during the entire concert. This doesn’t bother fans who are almost full house. When SUNG KYU goes on stage to perform “Shine“, the lightsticks, in the likeness of the group INFINITE, light up to light up the room and the show begins.  


While it appears surrounded by bluish lights, the first notes of this concert are sure of themselves and powerful. Accompanied by a group, he continues with the title “Till Sunrise” before addressing his audience. The young man doesn’t hide his joy at seeing his fans again after spending so much time away from them, with a lot of emotion in his voice.   

« I am so glad to see you again after eighteen months and hope that you are all well and that you will enjoy this concert despite its conditions [virus] »  

He then resumes with “천사의 도시 (City of angels)” while the screen behind him surrounds him with clouds. The lighting effects make the moment unreal and transport fans to the following song: “끌림 (Stuck on)“. Always attentive, the INSPIRIT, name of the fanclub, wave their golden lightsticks with passion. He then spoke again, rather timidly, and was surprised to find that a large majority of the public present had attended his concert before his departure for the army.  

«  Performing concerts was the thing I missed the most when I was in the military, but I drew my courage from reading the letters I received. I’ve also heard that the [INFINITE] members are doing pretty well without me! “He continues laughing.

The lights go out again to make room for the song “I Need You“. The fans then raise colored signs in the stands, either blue or white. Not stopping, SUNG KYU continues with “Daydream“. Curious, it was at the end of this song that he wondered about the meaning of the signs that would draw waves. He then remembers the very first INFINITE’s concert which took place in the same room.  

«  It’s strange to come back to this room alone, I used to be always with the members of the group. It’s been eight years since that day, time flies so quickly. » 

He reassures fans by declaring afterwards that he doesn’t feel old and that he remains in good shape. He just hopes to be able to create new memories with INFINITE and INSPIRIT, then resume the microphone to interpret “Sentimental” and “뭐 랬어 (What did I say)“, the latter accompanied by Punchnello, rapper who participated in season eight of Show me the Money. SUNG KYU then leaves the stage after thanking Punchnello for coming, when he leaves him alone on stage to perform one of his songs.  

The public warmly welcomes this AOMG artist, while SUNG KYU goes to change behind the scenes. A video is then broadcast where we see him walking along the Han River, then going to a Hawaiian restaurant. In this vlog, he gives himself a little more about his life in the army where he says that the most difficult for him was to have to wash with the other soldiers, but that fortunately he could go out from time to time to review his friends and its members.  


He then goes back on stage for the title “지워지 는 날들 (Vanishing days)” in a slightly more casual outfit, leaving his costume for the start of the concert. The mood is softened and SUNG KYU is surrounded by shimmering lights. They then continue with the song “답가 (Reply)“, and the public is encouraged to turn on the lights on their phones to accompany the young man on stage. He leaves the relay to his fans who sing for him the refrain of the song while a big smile is portrayed on his lips.


«  It was so beautiful to hear you sing and see that you remember this song when it is old. » 

He then makes a surprising announcement, SUNG JONG, maknae of the group, is present in the public, without revealing his position. He also declares that he is still in contact with MYUNG SOO who has chosen to take another way. His voice then rushes to the song “Clock“, a song he would like to sing with his friends. He would like to do a concert with his group, either by singing old songs or when the group never performed on stage. He is thinking in particular of the title “Last Romeo” which he would like to sing again.


After this new moment of speech, he chooses to sing the titles “거울 (Mirror)“, “Sorry” and “머물러 줘 (Don’t move)“, always under the fervent applause of the Inspirit. Subsequently, he offers a title he has never released to the public; “Closer“, while the words “A little bit closer, I want you a bit closer” appear on the screen.   

«  I prepared myself for this song wondering what it would be like to sing it on stage, just like I’m preparing my next album  »  

By always taking a long time to watch his audience, he always keeps smiling and then begins the title “Alive“. His sweet voice, carried by a piano, sails across the room to captivate his fans. He continues with “41 일” and then “Kontrol” while fireworks accompany his performances. He then confides in his concern before this return on stage, that of crying of recognition in front of his fans having waited all this time, concern that he had entrusted to SUNG JONG just before starting the show.   


He then thanks all the people who surrounded him to prepare this concert and who supported him, but thanks all the more the Inspirit and INFINITE for their presence at his side at all times. He hopes everyone will stay healthy and happy before starting a final song, “True Love“, sung in unison with the fans, the latter brandishing heart-shaped balloons, before SUNG KYU leave the stage.   

Without losing a second, the audience asked the artist to come back and sing his very first solo title, “60 초“, and it was on this title that the young man appeared again to the delight of his fans. , accompanied only by a piano at first before the other instruments join it. Once finished, the fans raise banners by singing one of his titles, the banners with the inscription “Obviously, I love it when I am with you“, while SUNG KYU accompanies them by singing in turn. He finally closed this first concert since his return from the army with the title “너 여야 만 해 (The answer)“.  


«  I really had a great time tonight and hope it did for you too. Thank you one last time to those who came, hoping that you enjoyed hearing me sing

He shares last moments with his fans and takes some photos with them, hoping to see them again the next two days. The concert ends, he declares going directly to his mother to eat with her. His fans also tell him that tomorrow will be broadcast the ‘Knowing Brothers‘ show in which he appears. He expresses his love for the Inspirit, before leaving them for good.   

A word from our reporter: “For this return to the stage, SUNG KYU has put together a beautiful “tracklist” made of passion and lightness, underlined by a remarkable work with light. Shy, but smiling throughout this evening, the young Man has undoubtedly succeeded in opening these concerts. Listening to his fans, he has been able to share precious moments to which will be added those of this weekend.”   

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos : Woollim Entertainment
Translator: Pillet Anaïs

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