Thursday, September 28, 2023
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KANG DANIEL: Always more present

During the two weeks of promotion of his mini-album “CYAN“, KANG DANIEL did not stop being present in various programs. Whether they are musical, radio, or on youtube channels, KANG DANIEL always has something to say to his fans and web viewers.

Among all the available content, the youtube channel “Pops In Seoul” offers us an interview with KANG DANIEL. He tells us about his album, its creation process as well as the message he wants to convey through it. He also mentions his project that he calls “COLOR Project” and reveals a clue for his next musical release. Note that English subtitles are available directly on the video.

M2‘s youtube channel also showed us yet one more video. This time it is an ASMR interview where KANG DANIEL answers new questions.

After answering all these questions, KANG DANIEL fans can now investigate the spoilers that KANG DANIEL has revealed about his future projects.

Journalist: Louise
Translator: Lousie
Source: Youtube channel “M2” et “Pops In Seoul

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