Saturday, September 30, 2023
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BTOB: YOOK SUNG JAE is getting ready for his military service.

Getting ready for his enlistment, the young star publishes photos of his new homemade hairstyle.


Less than a week ago, the Maknae (youngest member) of the KPOP boys’ band BTOB, YOOK SUNG JAE was announcing his upcoming departure for the army on May 11th, with another BTOB member, singer and composer LIM HYUN SIK.

During a live broadcast, the 25 years old (26 years old in Korea) young star was announcing being ready for his military service without any worries. He was asking for his fans to keep supporting him: “don’t worry, I want to go and come back bravely”. He had also announced his willing to update his SNS before and during his enlistment, as much as possible.

In the goal to keep his promise, he published, on his Instagram profile, several pictures to cheer up the Melodies (BTOB Fandom Name), commenting : “one day before cutting my hair, I cut my bangs by myself. How is it?” before publishing another picture with shorter hair: “how about this?”


        Let’s remember that the leader SEO EUN KWANG has been discharged this April 7th while the vocalist LEE CHANG SUB and the rapper LEE MIN HYUK are going to come back by the end of summer. The rapper JUNG IL HOON, last member who still hasn’t enlisted, hasn’t announced any date for now.


Journalist: Natacha
Translator: Natacha
Source: BTOB SNS



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