KANG DANIEL: New photoshoot and KCON

On the 10th of June 2020, KANG DANIEL‘s social media have surprised fans when they published 4 pictures with the descritpion “Behind of the June number of “The Star” #녤HIND #NIELhind #KANGDANIEL #KANGDANIEL“.


Indeed the pictures seems to show the behind of a photoshoot. We can see the artist in 3 differents outfit and accessories. The vibrants colors are already giving us a taste of summer.

It seems like once again KANG DANIEL is going to be featuring in a magazin. Between the realesed of his albums, the last one being “CYAN“, the idol shows multiple charms and talents that never stop to seduce the fashion brand and Danitys.


More than doing photoshoots, CJENM announced the programmation for the online festival K-Culture “KCAN:TACT 2020 Summer“. It will be broadcast on Youtube during a week (from the 20th to 26th). Of course, KANG DANIEL will be there, with 31 other K-Pop artists.

It looks like Danitys will not find to time to rest this June.

Journaliste: Louise
Traduction: Chloé P.

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