Thursday, November 30, 2023
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GFRIEND: “Tilted” photo concept unveiled

GFRIEND (여자친구) unveils the “Tilted” photo concept, as planned in the comeback calendar.


On July 2, the social networks of GFRIEND and the Source Music agency unveiled to the public several photos as planned in the comeback calendar. The photo concept called “Tilted” shows a mature and mysterious style, which makes us want to discover more.

The photos give us the impression that they are strong, powerful women.

Internet users have asked themselves questions and they have imagined theories in which we can observe :

If you’ve watched MV’s in the past, “Glass bead” and “Navillera” are the most common things in every scene… Same thing. Theories!“.

Flowers from “Time for the moon night” and the sandals from “Rough”“.

I’m pretty sure that’s the flashlight on “Time for the moon night” and the trophy on “Navillera“.

I think it’s going to be a concept of horror. Since the first teaser, I felt a great horror, look at them they look unhappy, not showing much emotion and maybe… Someone died, just maybe… I’m very excited about this return“.

In most of their group photos, EUNHA, UMJI and YUJU are facing left, while SINB, YERIN and SOWON are facing right. This is the path they took on the diverging road“.

See the pictures below:

Do you have any theories on the concept? Stay tuned to KSTATION TV to follow the news.

Journalist : Somprasith
Translator : Somprasith

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