ASIAN TOP BAND: Who will be the best Asian band?

The first Asian Top Band, a project to discover world-class musicians involving eight Asian countries, including South Korea, will be held soon.

Asian top band

Gwangju MBC (CEO Song Il-joon) said on the afternoon of July 22, “The 1st Asian Top Band was officially launched by 11 broadcasters from eight Asian countries, including South Korea. The Asian Top Band is a mega-collaboration UHD program from eight Asian countries that promotes Asian friendship and peace by comforting and alleviating the pain of two billion Asian viewers who are going through a difficult time with Coronavirus. The first Asian Top Band will discover and will feature talented Asian musicians and promote them to the public and the global music market, so look forward to the rebirth of music and another band.”

The “1st Asian Top Band” is an international group competition program co-produced by broadcasters from eight Asian countries, with a total prize of $ 100,000 (120 million won). A total of eight groups, each of which were selected after qualifying in one of the eight Asian countries, will decide the best Asian group in October by a recording method and not in public. And all these processes will be produced as programs and broadcast on 15 channels in eight Asian countries, on China Storage Broadcasting Group, Indonesia RTV, Mongolia MGL and EDUTV, Myanmar MRTV4 and Mandalay FM, Philippines TBN ASIA and CTS Philippines, Uzbekistan MILLIY TV , Vietnam HTV and host of Gwangju MBC.

Participation in Asian Top Band Korea, which will select the Korean national group for the inaugural Asian Top Band, can be found through its official website from August 23rd to 15th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Gwangju MBC


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