BTOB : SEO EUN KWANG manlier than ever

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BTOB’s leader has published some videos of his choregraphies’ &épractice.


After a first solo concert that has known a lot of success even when it did happen online, the leader of the KPOP band BTOB, SEO EUN KWANG, is now posting some videos, on the band’s official Youtube channel, of the choregraphies’ practice of the concert.

The leader was the first of the 7 members of the band to leave for his military service he came back from on April 7th. Then this is logical then that he back from there as another man, explaining he did learn a lot from his comrades and the experience he got there.

Melodies (BTOB fandom name) are one voice, it’s another SEO EUN KWANG, manlier, stronger and sexier that is showing up. The star had announced, in several interviews, that he had changed and wanted to show his new himself in the musical SOMETHING ROTTEN where he is having one of the main roles.

While he was never doing workouts before the army, he now announced that he is doing some exercises everyday since he came back. Indeed, the fans could notice, during his performance at the concert, that he appeared with a lot more energy and as a better dancer than ever.


Journalist : Natacha
Translator : Natacha
Photos : BTOB Youtube Channel / LIVE CONCERT SEO EUN KWANG
Source : CUBE Entertainement

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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