Saturday, September 30, 2023
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ATEEZ : The MV for their song “THANXX” has been released

The group’s eight members keep on promoting their 5th mini album by releasing the MV of their song “THANXX”.


ATEEZ’ comeback with a 5th mini album entitled “ZERO : FEVER Part.01” helped the members to become closer to their fans during these hard times. Indeed, just as for summer 2019, ATEEZ’ fans called ATINYs, were able to choose between two tracks which one would become the main song for ATEEZ’ activities. “INCEPTION” was the winner song and also became a winning song because ATEEZ was able to win first place in music broadcasts twice with this song’s promotions.

Now, the group will be able to promote the second song entitled “THANXX”. To help the fans wait for the MV’s release, individual and group photos were unveiled little by little, until the release hour.


The MV has just been released and the fans are ready to stream it on Youtube. With this second song, we can see a more joyful and spectacular side of the group, which concept is different from the song “INCEPTION”, which has a more sensual and heartbreaking concept. “THANXX”‘ MV is already popular thanks to its beautiful sceneries, the song’s addictive chorus and the visual of each member wearing attractive outfits from the beginning to the end. You can watch “THANXX” MV by following the link under.

With the release of “THANXX”, the fans can keep on discovering new content from ATEEZ and many are excited to watch new videos such as dance practices and they cannot wait to see the members performing this song at music broadcasts.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : SNS ATEEZ

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