VERIVERY: A first fan meeting

VERIVERY will hold its first fan meeting since its debuts.


On the afternoon of September 5th, the poster for the first fan meeting was unveiled via the official VERIVERY’s SNS. VERIVERY raised fan expectations by announcing the live broadcast of the inaugural “VERRERDISE” fan meeting via Naver’s V LIVE FANSHIP channel at 8pm on September 20th.

The poster, which has been released, attracts attention because it is reminiscent of a retro-emotional board game. In addition, the phrase “VERRERDISE“, the title of the online fan meeting, which means “Heaven to do with VERRER”, the name of the VERIVERY’s fan club, attracts attention.

VERIVERY is known to prepare various performances because it is their first fan meeting. Additionally, at 3:26 pm when the fan meeting poster was released, is known to be the date (March 26) that the VERIVERY‘s fan club name was set, adding a bit more specialty.

The first online fan meeting since VERIVERY‘s debut will be broadcast live on Naver’s V Live FANSHIP channel at 8 pm on September 20th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

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